Rebel Rose is for the woman who expresses herself freely, with a curious and intuitive sense of style. She understands the true balance of her life and lives it with a sense of passion that is mysteriously beautiful.  Rebel Rose. Wear your passion... Freely.


Rebel Rose with Stacey and Cris.




Just when you least expect it, an extraordinary type of “Serendipity” strikes to create spectacular outcomes.  Meet Cris Olson & Stacey Caron, the creative duo behind the Stacey Caron and Rebel Rose Jewelry Collection. Both Cris & Stacey share a relentless passion for creativity and design. Cris’s remarkable pedigree as a fifth generation Master Jeweler and Stacey’s achievements in product design, development & entrepreneurship has resulted in a beautiful collection of uplifting and empowering products.

People Who Feel Empowered By Your Presence Become Kindred Spirits

-Dr. Wayne Dyer