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Rebel Rose Life is a collection of unique apparel and jewelry for strong, confident, and independent women who want to stand out from the crowd and are interested in self-expression in a tasteful manner, yet with a sense of sisterhood with likeminded women.


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News from Rebel Rose Life

Over the last couple of weeks, since our return from Denver WESA Market, we have been busy fulfilling orders and working on new collections.

It’s been exciting creating and casting jewelry and choosing colors and fabrics for our newest accessories! We are positive you will love these timeless pieces and can’t wait to add them to your collection of wearable couture from Rebel Rose Life.


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We will be at the Dallas Western Market between March 27 and 30. The Dallas Market Center is located at the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas, on the 12th floor. Visit us at booth 4120, we can’t wait to meet you!

To learn more about Rebel Rose Life and see our products, visit our website.


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Casting Silver Lace

It is a tedious process casting our lovely Silver Lace collection. From the design process to the finished item, many steps along the way are thoughtfully planned out and meticulously observed.

For example, we take great care to ensure each piece is examined and cleaned when they come from the wax plate for quality and appearance.

Once the pieces have passed this inspection and are set to be cast, they can be set and attached to the sprue or tree and placed inside the flask.


This is how we rock our Silver Lace collection from Rebel Rose Life.

There is a burnout process for the removal of the wax from the investment which takes an average of 16 hours. This is known as lost wax casting.

The furnace is brought to correct temperature, and the silver in its pure hardened state can be added to the crucible where it is heated and melted to liquid form.

When it turns to liquid, it is pulled by vacuumed pressure into the invested flask and takes the form of the trees. After cooling for about 25 minutes, the flask is quenched in water and the cast tree is taken from the flask where it is put into an acid bath to remove any residual investment.

It is then returned to the furnace for annealing and heat treatment. Finally, the pieces are cut from the sprue and placed into a magnetic pin tumbler. This helps to harden the silver and remove small fragments of investment giving it a semi polish. There is still more work by our finisher who has several steps to do before completing each piece; grinding, setting stones and making sure each piece has a perfectly beautiful shine.  


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